Summer Array Group Exhibition

Oeno Gallery, Prince Edward County

June 25 - September 5, 2022

Cosmic Confetti

Sophie DeFrancesca

Newzones Gallery, Calgary, Alberta

June 4 - July 30, 2022

Sophie DeFrancesca’s new body of work Cosmic Confetti began with new technology that allowed her to custom design and laser cut both simple and intricate forms out of fluorescent acrylic (plexiglass). Each piece of acrylic within DeFrancesca’s artwork starts as a custom designed file, that is then individually laser cut by a machine. Hand-made wooden frames and metal loops are used to connect and carefully assemble the finished acrylic pieces. During DeFrancesca’s process, the idea of assembling these pieces to form abstracted space objects was born. Including wall-mounted and free-standing sculptures of varying sizes, Cosmic Confetti was ultimately created through countless hours of research and development, as well as a keen respect and fascination with nature and the vast cosmos.